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Spacious and Functional

Our camper kitchen is all about space and convenience. With three burners, lots of storage, and a large sink for easy cleaning. Bonus: the sink's cover also acts as a tiny table for your coffee breaks!

Yacht-Style Flooring: Simple Yet Classy

Discover our sturdy, yacht-inspired flooring. Designed to echo a yacht's polished teak, our handmade floor brings lasting style to your space. It's as perfect and unique as fine carpentry should be.

Easy-Clean Bathroom: Choose Your Comfort

No shower curtain? No problem. Our bathroom is moisture-proof and includes a sink and shower for easy cleanup. Plus, we offer a variety of toilets to match your style. Check out the specs for more info.

Smart and Cozy Lighting

Enjoy warm, adjustable lighting with our energy-saving LED lights, complete with touch spots. We've also got reading lamps with USB plugs and dimmable LED strips.

Full Power, Full Control

Our Sprinter camper has it all! A Victron charger keeps your battery topped up, with a monitor to track the level. You can control heating and water from the same panel. Plus, our retractable power strip and four USB ports keep all your devices charged.

Space That Goes the Extra Mile

Our camper has five big lockers in the living area and two roomy under-bed drawers. Plus, the rear compartment has handy rails for luggage and is lit with LEDs. Plenty of storage for all your stuff!