Innova Roadtrip 595L

Explore the European Craftsmanship of the Innova Roadtrip 595L

The Innova Roadtrip 595L isn’t just a campervan; it’s a European masterpiece on wheels. Born from the fusion of German automotive precision and Dutch design excellence, this luxury motorhome offers a travel experience like no other.

At the heart of the Roadtrip 595L is its Mercedes Sprinter base, known worldwide for reliability and performance. This expert conversion into a custom Mercedes RV upholds the highest standards of German engineering, providing a sturdy, safe, and smooth ride.

The transformation from a robust vehicle to a mobile home of luxury is carried out by Innova Automotive Campers & Yachting B.V., nestled in Katwijk, Netherlands. Since 2014, this Dutch company has harnessed its yacht outfitting talents to equip the Roadtrip 595L with interiors that rival those of a luxury yacht. Soft, curved lines, artisanal joinery, and high-end finishes ensure that each campervan is not just built, but crafted with a keen eye for detail.

Dubbed "Your Yacht on Wheels," the Roadtrip 595L promises the elegance and comfort of a seafaring vessel, with the practicality and adventure of a high-end campervan. Whether parked by serene lakes, bustling city streets, or quiet mountain retreats, this luxury motorhome serves as a chic, comfortable, and reliable sanctuary.

With its European origins at the forefront, the Innova Roadtrip 595L seamlessly combines the art of luxury living with the spirit of road adventures, making it an exceptional choice for discerning travelers who seek the best in every journey.

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